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20th Dec 2016

BOOM – Dublin’s Best Burrito Comes To The South Side


When we wrote a piece about the best burritos in Dublin there was no surprise that Boojum came out on top. They didn’t just pip the others at the post but actually won by a country mile. The chain which has shops in Belfast and Galway have always served great burritos down by the quays but I never ate them that much as it was just a pain in the ass to walk down there at lunch time. Well the good news for anybody working or living south of the river is that their latest shop just opened on Kevin Street. Given that my office is only couple of hundred yards away I nearly wept with joy when I saw the doors opening for the first time.


When you walk in the place has that on edge new buzz about it with lots of staff and everybody learning the ropes in a new venue. I normally let restaurants settle down for a while before reviewing but A) I really couldn’t fucking wait any longer for a burrito B) If you are serving this sort of food you should be on your game from day 1. Boojum are absolutely on their game. The place is really nicely fitted out and the location is genius. I’d be seriously worried if I was Burritos and Blues with their shop less than 50 yards away but competition is always healthy and there are shit loads of people looking for tasty lunches around here including DIT across the road.


The best thing about Boojum is the huge range of choice. Different toppings, meats, salsas and a choice between fajitas, burritos, burrito in a bowl and tacos mean you could eat something completely different every time you visit. My burrito was so tasty I licked the tin foil it came in. The guacamole which I ordered as an extra side was rotten. It had been ruined by way too much garlic. I actually chewed into a huge raw piece of garlic and nearly puked. I set it aside and didn’t have any more but everybody is allowed a little slip up on opening week.


The whole thing cost me €8.50 which felt like good value given the size of the portions. Not many people have spotted that it is open yet but once they do I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing queues around the corner.


What I love about this part of the city is that with Listons, Green Bench, Neon and bunsen there are some of the best lunch options you could ever wish for within a couple of hundred yards of each other. I didn’t think this area could get much better for food but Boojum arriving on the scene has lifted the bar even higher. BOOM!