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20th Dec 2016

The Essential Reasons Why You Need To Have Taco Taco’s Hawaiian Shrimp For Brunch Today


One of the newest additions to Dublin’s brunch
scene, Taco Taco is also one of the funkiest. And this week, we took a look at one of the standout items on a menu where every dish clamours for attention… the Hawaiian Shrimp brunch.

Surprisingly, it’s for brunch

You may not think of shrimp as standard breakfast food, but this dish – the Hawaiian Shrimp Popcorn Cocktail – is only available on the brunch menu. The closest equivalent for dinner is the shrimp popcorn tacos.

This shrimp and a brunch cocktail were made for each other

Light, crunchy, fruity shrimp? Meet your soulmate, light, fruity peach bellini. Unlike some brunch dishes (do you really want champagne with a waffle?), this pairs very well with a nice cocktail. I imagine any of the summery beers from the menu would also be a great complement to these shrimp.

IMG 3912

Don’t let the term ‘shrimp cocktail’ fool you

Shrimp cocktail to me is the sad, shrimp-rimmed martini glass full of cocktail sauce that your boss puts out at the office Christmas party. In the 1980s. That is not this dish. These are crunchy, breaded shrimp, and they would make your Christmas party martini shrimp cry.

It’s pleasantly easy on the spice

You’re bound to get some pretty spicy food at a Mexican-inspired brunch, and this dish is a great alternative for those who’d rather go easy. There’s a hint of it in the seasoning and chipotle mayo, but it’s very mild.

Pineapple salsa is a shrimp’s best friend

The shrimp come tossed with a pineapple and green chili salsa that will knock your socks off. The pineapple chunks are fresh and juicy and made a great partner for the crunchy and impressively meaty shrimp. This salsa made me wonder why I ever eat shrimp without pineapple.

IMG 3917

Sweet potato fries?!

I saw on the menu that this dish came with a side of sweet potato fries and was skeptical. I didn’t expect the two to work well together, but they did. They were very sweet, which makes for a nice respite if you overdo it on the green chili salsa, and their hearty soul food style grounded the summery shrimp a bit.

IMG 3923

They’re a steal

Only €14.95! At that price, hell, get two cocktails.

Come hungry

There was no skimp in this shrimp. They’re fairly nice-sized prawns to begin with, and the dish serves up at least ten of them. You could comfortably skip dinner if you have this for brunch in the afternoon. It’s a big portion, but you’ll be happy with every last bite.

Located under Odessa at 14 Dame Court and open for brunch on Saturdays 11-3 and Sundays 11-4. Brunch mains run from €9.95-€18.95, and the selection of sides, desserts, and drinks available ensure you won’t leave hungry or thirsty. Be warned – they don’t take reservations.

More info on the restaurant can be found here.