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20th Dec 2016

The Healthiest Brunch In Dublin For Vegetarians and Carnivores Alike!


It’s hard to find a new brunch spot that’s serving up something different from the usual fry ups, pancakes and eggs benedict, so I was really excited to hear that Staple Foods has a very alternative brunch menu. I had visited before for lunch and had a delicious salad piled high with juicy pulled pork and lime dressing, so I was looking forward to trying their brunch.

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The food in Staple Foods is super healthy but still unbelievably delicious, which is sometimes a hard balance to strike. They manage to to do really good meat dishes and also vegetarian and vegan dishes which is unusual as most restaurants and cafes do the same tired vegetarian options. I started off with a green juice that actually tasted incredible, despite having all kinds of green vegetables in it some apple sweetened it up nicely, so if you want to pop your green juice cherry then you should try theirs. My friend got an americano and said it was really good, they use the 3FE coffee which seems to have a cult following at the moment.

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The brunch options are very unusual but are definitely more lunchy than brunchy. There were no egg dishes or pancakes or anything like that, most of the options were salad based but you had the option to get some of them stuffed into a sandwich. My friend got the chicken quinoa salad and I ordered the aubergine almond kofta salad. I was worried we’d still be hungry so I ordered a plate of bread and guacamole too. I wasn’t expecting a side of bread to be so good but it was ridiculously good! Fresh chunks of bread came toasted and drizzled with olive oil and lots of salt accompanied with a massive pot of the nicest guacamole. I was practically stuffed by the time the main dishes came, I wanted to stop eating the breads but I literally couldn’t.

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I ordered the aubergine almond kofta because I was curious about it and a couple of people asked for us to profile more vegetarian options, so I decided to give it a go. To be fair as you can see from the photo the koftas don’t look like the most appetising things in the world, but they were honestly delicious and so filling as well. The salad was dressed in a mint and orange dressing and in general the food at Staple Foods all seems to be quite fresh and zingy. I struggled to get through it, despite it being a healthy salad it was deceptively filling. My friend’s chicken dish was delicious as well.

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I definitely recommend giving this place a go and I honestly couldn’t fault the food but the menu is really more of a lunch menu, and many people won’t want a chicken salad for their first meal of the day. Having said that I really enjoyed it and am planning to go back again this weekend, but maybe after I have a bowl of porridge first!