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02nd Aug 2018

10 Times Michael D Was Your Spirit Animal


Born in 1941, it seems that Michael D has been spreading joy since birth, and if anything, he’s only getting greater with age.

In many ways he is one and the same with all of us, hails from a big family, spent a stint in college, and owns two wonderful dogs named Bruno and Shadow. But it’s his kind-hearted nature, his cultural appreciation and his downright soundness that keeps us wanting more.

Our own tiny national treasure, here are 10 times he kept it real and made us love him even more…

1. That time he queued for the ATM despite his presidential status

Because he’s just one of the lads, at the end of the day.


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2. That time he sent the cutest Christmas message ever

In which he personally thanks everyone ever and even mentioned the mutual respect Ireland and Great Britain now have for one another. What a dote.

3. When he called Michael Graham a wanker

Michael D, despite his small stature and soft spoken mannerisms, let rip on Graham, who would be seen as part of the ultra-conservative Tea Party movement in US politics, and called him out on his fear-mongering on George Hook’s Newstalk show.

Spoken like a true hero.

4. That time he had lunch with the Queen

And they formed the tiniest, most wonderful super alliance.

5. That time he gushed with pride over meeting Paulie and the lads

While he spends the first part of the video well wishing the opposing team, skip to 1:55 to see him absolutely beaming after shaking hands with Mr. O’Connell.

6. That time he could take a joke

Michael D is no stranger to the Irish public fondly ripping the piss out of his well-mannered ways and artistic flair, but when Michael met Michael (Mario Rosenstock) the two formed a duo and recited some gas poetry altogether.

What a trooper.

7. That time he had a song written about him

He is the subject of the song ‘Michael D. Rocking in the Dáil’ by The Saw Doctors. The song first appeared as a B-side on the 1994 single ‘Small Bit of Love’ and is also on the 2002 compilation Play It Again, Sham!

No big deal.

8. That time he started from the bottom now he’s here

Mizza D spent his Dáil years in a modest, two bedroom flat on Mount Street, with no room for luxuries. Then 2011 came and BOOM!

He became Ireland’s number one big dog and moved up to the plushest gaff in the Pale. Not too shabby.

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9. That time he hit out at the haters

President Higgins made remarks about suicide resulting from racism and homophobia, describing it as an appalling blight on a society a conference organised by youth organisation Foróige in 2012.

“The idea that any young person would be driven not just to lower self-esteem, exclusion, isolation, loneliness but self destruction itself is an appalling blight on a society,” he said.

“We have to ask about how racism gets going, how homophobia does its destructive work, how isolation tears at a person’s wanting to exist, how important every person is. These are important issues, they are not merely emotional issues,” President Higgins added.

750px  President  Higgins  Receives  Order Of  Clans Of  Ireland

10. And that time he just loved footie

Between referring to old points and exclaiming his love for Galway united, Higgins shows that he’s just your average bloke, with an un-average job.

Sound as a pound, good craic and an eye for style – what is there not to love about El Presidente.

Go raibh míle maith agat, a Mhícheál.

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