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03rd Feb 2018

11 Stellar Places To Head for A Deadly Daytime Date In Dublin


Day dates are the dream.

Actually getting to know someone in the sunlight (or rain) is much better, funner, and more desirable than getting slowly sozzled in a cramped, overpriced bar.

And it’s much easier than you think.

So visit some of the city’s most desirable spots and get dating during the day. I mean, if St Valentine himself is buried in Dublin, then it must be a pretty romantic place… Right?

1. Strolling, Dun Laoghaire pier

An obvious starting point.

Treat yourself and your significant other to a date with a difference at the beautiful Dun Laoghaire pier. Easily accessible by DART, bike lanes and with ample parking – you really have no excuse for not being there all the time.

Sort yourselves out with some fresh scampi or a Teddy’s and perch yourself up near the fog bell, and you’ve got yourself a date to remember. 

2. Deer spotting, Phoenix Park

This date will get you out of the immediate city, give you some fresh air and exercise, and also give you the chance to play with this beauties. 

And if you get hungry? Check out the Lo Cal Kitchen for some healthy and delicious treats. 

3. Crazy Golf, Dundrum

The original date choice of American teens during the ’60s, and more recently made popular by a certain Jamie Laing of Made In Chelsea, crazy golf is an ideal first date. Even though injuring the other person is highly probable.

Rainforest Adventure Golf also offer a date deal on Mondays and Tuesdays – €9 per person for a round of mini golf and a pizza to share. Get involved.

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4. Picnic, Howth

Think picnics are lame? Think again. 

Howth provides the perfect backdrop for a cheap and cheerful date. Hit up the food and drink institutions of the village (Compulsion for coffee, Howth Market Deli for sandwiches and Beshoffs for some of the best fish you’ll ever taste) and you’re bound to have a cracking day.

5. Rock climbing, Gravity Climbing Centre

Looking for a date that’ll make you laugh, give you a new perspective, and make you feel a little bit sore tomorrow?

If you answered “erm… yes?” then this is the one for you! A really exciting way to get to know someone and fall in love their flaws, all at once. 

Here you’ll get to laugh at them when they’re literally dangling in the air in front of you, which, as we all know, is always fun.

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6. Swan around, Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo boasts the beautiful proximity of being close enough to not feel like a trek, but far enough to ensure you don’t bump into everyone you’ve ever known. 

In here, welcome distractions will also be on your side, meaning that any lulls in the conversation will be swiftly taken care of by literally hundreds of cute, baby animals. 

The sea lions put on a show daily at 2.15pm, and the penguins are fed at 2.30pm. Do with that information what you will. Also, the Orangutan Forest is newly opened – yet another reason to swing in and have a mosey. 

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7. Food markets, ALL around Dublin

Lunch dates may seem a bit far-fetched, but for the worker bees of the world it may be the only option. Get stuck into one of the many food markets there are around Dublin at the minute, and indulge with your significant other in some of the best grub there is going.

Not sure where to go? Check out the list right here.

Dun Laoighre People Park Market

8. Perusing, Science Gallery

Impress your date with some niche knowledge and bring them to the hidden gem that is the Science Gallery. Tucked behind Trinity College, the Science Gallery has genuinely cool exhibits coming out of their ears. They change it up every few months to keep things interesting.

Also within its walls is a deadly café, with really reasonably priced deadly food. Especially the pizza, which you need to try. Just trust us on this.

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9. Sipping, Tea Garden

Ever pass the Tea Garden on The Quays and think, ”I’d love to go there”.

Well, now’s your opportunity. It’s the perfect rainy day date spot, being that the whole thing is based around being indoors, sitting down and drinking copious amounts of tea. 

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10. Kayaking, The Liffey

Get yourself and your significant other into a kayak on the River Liffey to a bit of novelty. Organise to do it during sunset and you’ve got yourself a scene worthy of a Hugh Grant rom-com. 

It’s surprisingly better value than you thought, and will give you memories that will last for years to come. 

Or subject you to a world of slagging, either/or. 

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11. Great South Wall Walk, Poolbeg 

The perfect way to reclaim your Sunday from the depths of a hungover duvet, the Great South Wall Walk is lengthy without being too strenuous and close enough to the city that you won’t really have to travel. 

It’s also the best place in the world when it catches the sun, so pack your togs, just in case.

Great South Wall Ringsend 1

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