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01st Mar 2017

11 Lent-Friendly Treats Available Around Dublin City


Lent has just kicked off, and we want chocolate already.

Lucky for you Dublin is currently undergoing a health food face lift, and you can’t go very far without bumping into yet another nutritionally sound café or restaurant.

Lent, and health food in general, just got easier. 

1. Carrot Cake, Sprout

Made with cashew cream frosting, this little beauty, from Sprout, is vegan, paleo gluten free and dairy free.

And if you’re feeling more sweet-tooth than usual, pair it with one of their Oasis health smoothies; made with Sprout organic almond milk, banana, dates, oats, a healthy dash of cinnamon, almond butter and hemp protein. Such a treat.

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2. Overnight Oats, Mooch

Hailing from Roz Purcell’s Natural Born Feeder collaboration with the frozen yoghurt franchise, her Overnight Oats are a sure winner and are just as good as a breakfast, or a mid-day treat.

In this creation is almond milk, oats, honey, banana, flax seed, chia seeds and fruit of your choice. It is gluten free and dairy free, so feel free to treat yo’self with no guilt.

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3. Healthy Pancakes, Yogism

Made with the healthier gluten-free alternative that is buckwheat flour, these Yogism pancakes are topped with fruit, nuts and the honey/syrup of your choice. They are absolutely whopper and will leave you feeling proper full for hours.

Basically your five-a-day, how could you say no?

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4. Bounty Brownie, Alchemy 

In this delicious brownie is the following: chia, dark chocolate, almonds, eggs, coconut and coconut sugar Filled with all the goodness you could imagine, this brownie certainly packs a punch.

Alchemy, you’re spoiling us. 

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5. Porridge, Avoca

Porridge is arguably the most underrated dish of this century, with some believing that it’s the breakfast food equivalent of gruel – but it is so much more than that. And Avoca knows good porridge. 

With the right selection of toppings, it can taste like dessert for breakfast; the best kind. It’s also good for you and keeps you going all the live long day. Porridge rules. 

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6. French Toast, Staple Foods 

Staple Foods knows good food, good portion sizes, and what flavours go together perfectly – and with that combination, you can’t really go wrong.

This fan favourite is made up of blueberry brioche french toast, baked with maple and coconut, and is wildly tasty and genuinely nutritious. You are welcome.

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7. Tofu Cheesecake with Beetroot and Raw Cacao Coconut Slice, Blazing Salads

Blazing Salads isn’t often known for desserts, but when they do whip them up, they go all out.

So good that you won’t believe they’re not bad for you. Both as delicious as the other, and not sickly sweet like some treats these days. 

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8. Vegan trifle square, Cornucopia

Cornucopia does it again with this vegan trifle square, just one of the many tempting treats at their new chilled dessert corner. 

In this is: ginger and orange sponge topped with metaxa liqueur and cherry jelly – and vegan vanilla custard. Unreal.

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9. Sugar Free Snicker Pie, The Lo-Cal Kitchen 

To. Die. For.

This is the absolute dream and is made up of many ingredients (eg dates, peanut butter, cocoa powder, cashews, almond butter etc) and all of them good for you! 

Thank you Lo-Cal Kitchen for bringing this into our lives.

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10. Protein Balls, Chopped

These have no added sugar, are gluten-free, paleo, vegan and totally raw, made fresh in Chopped every day. Unbelievable with a cuppa.

Perfect substitute for the usual Mars bar you pick up after lunch.

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11. Black Gold Raw Truffles, Hopsack

These tiny treats, from The Hopsack, boast a whole load of goodness, and as you see in the photograph – an impressive amount of nutritious health foods are packed into them.

And it helps that they’re extremely moreish and really flavoursome too. Definitely worth a try if you’re craving something sweet.


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