11 Things You'll Know If You're Addicted To Your Smartphone

9. It's like a child to you, and you wouldn't let any old person just hold your baby would you?

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Smartphones are great. You've everything you'd ever need to know at the touch of a button.

But some of us are just a little TOO reliant on our amazing devices.

Think you're not that bad? Have a read of these to see how many you're guilty of.

1. It's always glued to your hand

I'm guilty of this one. 

Do you struggle to walk down the street without your phone in your hand? If so, welcome to the club my friend. 

2. It's always on the table when you're eating

You know it's the height of bad manners but you just can't seem to put it away for fear of missing an URGENT notification especially all those important ASOS emails...

3. You panic when it's on 1%

You could give Usain Bolt a run for his money as you sprint to the charger for fear of your phone being switched off for a whole two minutes. Can you even imagine?!

4. You document every single part of a night out

You're having such a great night and it would be such a shame if everyone didn't know about it right? 

5. You bring it to bed with you

Yep that's right, not even your bed is off limits. It's been a long day so you lie back in your nice cosy bed only for this to happen to you...

6. You sweat putting up a new post

Instagram post, Facebook status, Snapchat story you know your addiction has reached its' peak when you can't leave your phone down long enough to let the notifications build up.

7. You hit refresh and nothing new comes up

WARNING: You're entering dangerous territory. If you refresh your Facebook news feed and you see nothing new it's time to reach out and seek help.

8. You lose track of time

Seconds turn into minutes, minutes into hours and suddenly it's 2am and you've stayed on your phone for the whole day... AGAIN!!

9. You get nervous when somebody else has it

It's like a child to you and you wouldn't let any old person just hold your baby would you? 

10. You can't imagine life without it

The first 15 phoneless years of your life were the most miserable. What did you even do to occupy your time?

11. Free WiFi is EVERYTHING

You're embarrassed to admit it but free WiFi is a major factor in deciding where you go for a coffee. 

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Written By

Aoife McCormack