12 Reasons Why Harold's Cross Is The Best Place To Live In Dublin

By katedemolder

April 30, 2017 at 3:35pm


Harold's Cross is a real treasure. 

Boasting some of the best food, coffee, shopping and parks in the city – you'd never be hard pushed for something to admire in this dreamy neighbourhood. 

We decided to do a round up of the best of the best to show you why we really, really love the place. 

So, here goes nothing...

1. The woman who pushes around her dog in a pram

Worth the move alone. 

2. Food, glorious food 

Harold's Cross is a hotpot of dreamy food spots. From the newly opened Five Points to the ever reliable Craft – you're absolutely covered in terms of tasty treats, day or night. 

Oh, and have you ever been to HX46 for brunch? Well, you should. Now.  

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3. Trinket shops 

Harold's Cross is absolutely filled with antique treasure troves, filled with absolute bargains.

Harold's Bazaar is a firm favourite, supplying everything from gorgeous mirrors to perfect wardrobes to bone china tea cups that your mum would never allow you drink out of.

Perfect for a Saturday rummage. 

4. The best gym in Dublin

We've written about Your Fitness before, and its ideal location, perfectly laid out gym and deadly instructors – but we're taking this time to confirm that it is 100% the best of the best. And you can easily see for yourself...

Go on download a free pass on their website to try it out for yourself. Get some free gymmin' int'ya.  

5. Coco Chinese

It's brought me through some tough times. Long may it szechuan. 

6. Gorjjjjj beauty salons

Harold's Cross must be the original home of the beautiful people, as there are so many spectacular salons, beauticians and deadly hairdressers in such a small, tight-knit area. 

It's the bomb. 

Beauty In The City, The Works, Steven An – take your pick...

7. The Harold's Cross Festival

Yes, such wonders exist

The festival includes everything from table quizzes to writing workshops to a maypole in Harold's Cross Park. AND you can go without even having to pay €300 to sleep in a tent and wake up next to a muddy boot. 

The dream. 

8. Harold's Cross Park

A teeny glimpse of country life in a city setting. 

Also, the ultimate place to perch and dog-spot. If you're lucky, you may even spot the enormous Irish Wolfhound.

You'll know him when you see him...

9. A village feel, right next to the city centre

Harold's Cross boasts a chilled out, dreamy setting, just moments away from the city centre. 

You can buy a pint for less than a fiver, have a party without fear of neighbours complaining, and sleep peacefully knowing no one is going to chunder on your doorstep.

Utter bliss. 

10. Les Fleurs, Artisan florist

The aesthetically pleasing discretionary expenditure you never thought you needed. 

Until now.

Look how prettyyyyyyy...

11. The giant Irish Greyhound

See above. 

12. And finally, the Bikram Yoga Dublin centre

Prone to being sweaty more often than not?

Well, why not put it to good use at Bikram Yoga Dublin in Harold's Cross, where sweating is actually encouraged

Get bendy and do your body some good with their innovative classes. 

Gwan. Treat yo'self. 

Massive thanks to photographer Derek Kennedy for the shots!

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