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13th Aug 2018

10 Reasons Why Ranelagh Is The Best Place To Live In All Of Dublin

Alana Laverty

Trolls will love this one.

But before you go attacking me and my non-existent notions in the comments, hear my disclaimer.

I didn’t seek out Ranelagh, in fact I’d never even been or had any interest in the Dublin suburb until I got a really good deal on a room in a lovely house that I just couldn’t refuse.

Having lived in Glasnevin for the three years previous, I got quite the culture shock arriving in Ranelagh where there are multiple restaurants, bars, pharmacies, cafes, yoga studios, salons and healthy shops as far as the eye can see.

I still love Glasnevin dearly, but I think you’ll all agree that there really is more choice in Ranelagh — when it comes to just about everything.

Having lived in Ranelagh for six months now, I would definitely choose living here over anywhere else in Ireland.

Here are a few reasons why…

1. Endless doggies

Ranelagh is home to some of Dublin’s biggest dog-lovers.

You can’t go anywhere without running into a pretty pooch.

Keep an eye out for local celebrity, Bastian the Bulldog — he won’t sign autographs but if you’re lucky he’ll let you rub his belly.

Follow him on Instagram.

2. Street art that makes you stop in your tracks…

Whether you’re walking down Ranelagh Road or turning a corner onto a smaller street — there’s always something beautiful mere feet away from where you’re standing.

3. Wildlife living on the edge the city, with a special shout out to the local heron

This beautiful bird is far from timid and can often be found just chillin’ in Ranelagh Gardens guarding its territory and watching as the world goes by.

Full Size Render 3
Full Size Render 2

4. €2 flat whites <3

The lovely folks from Nick’s Coffee save lives every single day, from early morning until after dark.

The cheapest, and arguably best, coffee in all of Ranelagh.

5. The gorgeous and enormous gaffs

Property porn on every street, from tiny bungalows to enormous ivy-covered, red brick mansions.

They’re all beaut.

6. Weird yet wonderful things happen here…

7. The Luas stop on your doorstep…

Is probably the best perk of living in Ranelagh.

Pissing rain but you need to get into town? No problem — mere minutes to Stephen’s Green on the Luas.

Or similarly, only 15 minutes to Dundrum.

It’s also a great people watching spot.

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8. Sunday jazz sessions in Smyth’s

No better way to bid farewell to a weekend than with a bitta jazz in Smyth’s.

Usually kicks off from around 9.30pm until 11.30pm.

9. Dublin’s cutest and sweetest gelateria can be found here

Gelato, glorious gelato.

Scoop is the solution to all of your problems.

From crepes and waffles to hot chocolate and milkshakes.

Even the doggies love it.

10. Bottomless prosecco brunch exists here…

Courtesy of The Exchequer Wine Bar.

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And is loved dearly by the masses.

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