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05th Jan 2018

13 Sneaky Tricks You Need To Get Through The Strug That Is January


January is tough and mean and scary, and that’s all there is to it. It frightens even the strongest of us and sends shivers down the spines of even the biggest of dogs. But it doesn’t have to be…

With a few very simple ploys, you can trick yourself into surviving the first month of the calendar year – or dare we say, enjoying it?

Well, at the very least you’ll be preoccupied in the process…

1. Fruit water

Slice up the fruit of your choice – anything from strawberries, to oranges, to lemons to apples to watermelon, and put them into your water bottle. It gets more water in, and is like you’re very own, sugarless, cordial.

Also works unbelievably well with cucumber.

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2. Cumin party

This is for those of you (all of us) who packed on the pounds (stones) during the festive fortnight (month), because cumin is known to help you shed weight quicker than its spicier counterparts.

Perhaps mix it into some hummus, sprinkle over your lunch or throw it into some soup. Easy peasy. Or else, y’know, eat it with a spoon…


3. Always have your gym bag packed

And/or runners in the car, so that you have no excuse whatsoever. Or better still…


4. Put an ugly, fat photo of you as your phone screensaver

And you’re only allowed to remove it when you hit your target weight.

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5. Reward yourself with a treat for bringing a packed lunch for the whole week

Maybe get your eyebrows done, binge watch a TV show or go for a pint with a pal. You’ve saved upwards of €30 anyway, you deserve it.

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6. Take note of your resolutions on a calendar

We, as humans, are programmed to love list taking and checking off completed tasks – so how about marking down your deadly progress on paper?

Whether you’re counting days off cigarettes, number of books read or days without swearing – it’s encouraging and motivating to see these things in real life as opposed to the sleepy, disorientated land that is your January head.

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7. Download a fitness app

And track your calorie intake and the like. MyFitnessPal is great, it helps you keep on track with a handy scanner – which shows you exactly what’s in your food. Best part of all? It’s free.

You’re never off your phone anyway, may as well be for something other than Facebook stalking.

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8. Pick a money note, and save it for the month

Whether it’s fivers, tenners or €20 notes (let’s be real, we’re not going to do it with €50s) put them all aside for the month and you’ll be amazed by how much you’ve saved by the end of it. 

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9. Play a song while you’re in the shower, and aim to be done when it’s done

Water charges are real, people.

Brush your teeth in there too, if you’re feeling dangerous.

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10. Keep a mixture of vinegar and water by the door 

For those frosty mornings when your car windows are in a hoop. Quick, effective and will not have you late for work.

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11. Get bendy

Not, not Yoga…

Bear in mind, when food shopping, that the cheaper items are both higher and lower than eye level. Do a quick lunge next time you’re browsing and notice the difference at the cash register.

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12. Rub your own feet

..with Vicks.

For those of you suffering with a cough after Christmas, slick a little Vicks onto the soles of your feet and put big socks on over them. Your cough will  disappear shortly after.

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13. And finally, get some watermelon int’ya

It relieves stress and anxiety, keeps your energy levels up top and increases your metabolic flow. Also it’s delicious af. Right on.

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