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04th Feb 2018

20 Things To Do This Weekend When It’s Lashing Rain


Think you’ve been snookered by the shoddy weather? Not at all!

Here are 20 suggestions on how to pass your rainy weekend…

1. Get the fuck under the duvet and watch one of these great documentaries on Netflix

You ain’t moving for no man (except maybe the pizza delivery man).


2. Get food delivered to your front door with Deliveroo

Doesn’t get much better than this.


3. Think about cleaning your house for a second, then return to Netflix never to have that thought again

Who were you kidding?

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4. Lie on your bed reading Facebook on your phone and keep telling yourself you’ll get up and do something ‘in a minute’

For the entire day.

Cinnamon Bun

5. Head to Dundrum and blow all your cash

Realise how hungry you are when you get home, and just how empty your bank account is.

Make It Rain

6. While in Dundrum go to the Rainforest Adventure Golf

It’ll feel even more authentic with torrential downpour outside, swear!

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7. Go see ‘Phantom Thread’ in the cinema

Reportedly Daniel Day-Lewis’ last ever film, so soak up his legendary acting skills in this post-war drama on the big screen.

8. Pretend it’s December and make mulled wine

If the goddamn weather is going to pretend it’s December then so are we!


9. Download Tinder just for the lols

But if someone suggests leaving the house for a date in the rain delete it immediately.


10. Have an Affogato inside in Murphy’s Ice Cream on Wicklow Street

It’ll warm you up nicely, plus you can pretend you’re in Italy on your summer holidays.

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11. Make a blanket fort

Rainy days were made for reliving your childhood, right?

CTAID The original blanket fort

12. Play lava floor


tumblr mzwywyYBty1qa3oruo3 250

13. Do a Harry Potter movie marathon

And giggle at how teeny tiny the trio are in the first few films.


14. Host a wine and cheese night

But ask your guests to bring the goods, then you won’t have to move! Bonus points if you invite someone called Nigel and ask them to bring brie.

15. Procrastibake

Then proceed to eat all of it .


16. Suffer a sugar comedown riddled by food regret

Why oh why did you eat all those fairy cakes?

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17. Decide you need to get fit and go for a jog in the rain

That’ll burn off all 5 million calories, won’t it?


18. Return from the jog starving and eat more crap

It’s grand they’ll cancel out each other…


19. Use this tool on the Ryanair website to find the cheapest flight out of here

Sun, sea and sand for under a hundred beans? Sure g’wan..


20. Head to your favourite pub, preferably one that has a fireplace, and shoot the breeze over a few pints with your pals

Luckily, we have a list of cosy Dublin pubs with fireplaces right here.

fireplace-main full-1

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