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30th Jul 2019

21 Things You’ll Remember If You Were Obsessed With Watching ‘Home And Away’ In The ’90s

James Fenton

Irish people have always had an special affinity for Aussie soap Home And Away, never more so than during its heyday back in the 90s.

Sit back and allow us to take you on an a little trip down memory lane:

1. Everyone wanted to live in Pippa and Michael’s house

The foster home/caravan park office. Always a hive of activity, it’s where most of the cool kids lived. Minus points for random strangers walking in and out and nobody batting an eyelid.


2. As sound as Alf and Ailsa were, their gaff reminded you more of your Granny’s

That old furniture smell


3. Alf always acted on good morals, even if it meant punching Donald Fisher, the school principal, in the face

Flamin’ mongrel

4. The students calling Fisher ‘Flathead’ even if it was only behind his back.

And having similar names for teachers in your own school which you would never dare utter to their face.

5. Shane was the coolest kid in Summer Bay

And Dieter Brummer, who played him, was MASSIVELY famous for a while.


7. He struck up an unlikely bromance with Damian

And taught him how to woo the ladies…

8. As well as a feisty feud with Tug over newcomer Sarah

Tug won in the end and he and Shane eventually became mates. Tristan Bancks, who played Tug, is now a pretty famous children’s writer.


9. Shane eventually got with Angel before dying in tragic circumstances

From septicemia caused by an infection ūüôĀ

10. As if that wasn’t enough, Michael drowned when trying to save Sam in a storm

It wasn’t your fault, Jack (@danielamalm on Twitter). That current was too strong.

11. And Bobby died in a speedboat accident

To be fair, Adam was driving it like a lunatic.

12. It wasn’t all sad times though

Everyone wanted the burger-shaped phone from the diner.


13. And who didn’t want to live by Summer Bay beach?



14. Or play pool at the kiosk?

They really were the coolest teenagers. How come OUR area didn’t have a kiosk?

15. Shannon had some storylines that were pretty taboo at the time.

Including anorexia and bisexuality. Played by Isla Fisher, who evidently has a filthier mouth than current husband Sacha Baron Cohen.

16. Sally seemed to be around forever

Fostered by Pippa as a child, Sally was last seen in 2013 with her daughter, Pippa ūüôā


17. Things got weird when Selina was kidnapped by Saul, the leader of a religous cult

What’s going on?

18. Whenever anyone went missing for a while they were always in Yabbie Creek

The next town over.

“Where’s Chloe?”

“Yabbie bloody Creek, where else?”

19. Young Sam developed a marijuana problem and you didn’t know what marijuana was

Although you pretended to your friends that you did. Ryan Clark, who played Sam, can be found on Twitter here.


20. But despite the heart-wrenching storylines you still watched every evening

Half 6, RTE 2.

21. Finally, this theme brings all the memories flooding back

How many of these characters can you remember?

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