23 Things You 100% Did In College (Whether You Want To Admit It Or Not)

By katedemolder

July 1, 2019 at 10:45am


We were all definitely at our grossest in college.

You were poor, probably gained weight, and spent about 90% of your time either drunk or hungover.

It was a special time.

Let's fondly remember those special times together, shall we?

1. Used a straightener to iron your shirt

Why spend money on irons if you only have one presentation a year?

2. Wondered if washing your hair with Fairy liquid was really that bad

Lol, as if you could afford Fairy.

3. Ate cereal for dinner more than thrice

A week.

4. Turned your rubbish into a Christmas tree

The worst idea known to man.

Photo cred: www.nocleansinging.com

5. Spent an evening with a hairdryer down your top to get warm

Chumps out there buying electric blankets, what are they like.

6. Experimented with food

In good ways, and bad ways.

7. Made do with a slightly broken kitchen utensil

Until it all went a little pear shaped.

8. Robbed your housemates' food

Let's be real. We're not all angels.

9. Stole everything from restaurants, the SU, McDonald's

Salt, sugar, ketchup, milk, toilet roll, forks.

10. Slept in the library

So warm, and smelling of books.

11. Tried to sneak into an important lecture after spending four hours in the pub

Trying desperately not to draw attention to yourself.

12. Studied while drinking

Two birds, one stone. Efficiency.

13. Became really attached to shit telly, in an effort to procrastinate

Would you get with Séan from Fair City? Ah, you would.

14. Used every other utensil available because bowls weren't clean

Sauce pan, blender, wok, boot.

15. You drank one drink and one drink only

The cheapest one.

Photo cred: www.flickr.com

16. And drinking the whole bottle was an achievement

As well as life-threatening.

17. And your flat was always, always a kip

You never really got rid of that bin smell.

18. Create a Facebook album and name it after a chart song

? I gotta feeling... ?

19. Bring naggins with you everywhere

Just in case.

20. Go out even though you have the black lung

And the plague. And possibly a broken foot.

21. Wear practically nothing during the winter months

Getting cold just thinking about it.

22. Never seek medical attention for an injury

Pain = money. And money is for beer.

23. And finally, waking up every morning having been this person the night before

Every. Single. Time.

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