6 Places To Eat And Drink If You're In Smithfield

Coffee? Good. Breakfast? Good. Brunch? Gooooood

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Home to some cracking nosh, that ice rink that time, and the Luas Red Line, Smithfield is a neighbourhood with a lot going for it. 

And we've picked out a few of the best places for you to try the next time you're knocking around the area, for whatever you're in the mood to eat or drink.

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WUFF is a hidden haven. It serves an array of tasty dishes, deadly salads and super brunches. 

P.S. They also do Ferrero Rocher-flavoured coffees. Seriously.

2. Proper Order Coffee Company

Winners of our very own Lovin Dublin coffee award, Proper Order Coffee Company know their stuff when it comes to the elixir of life that is coffee.

Cracking deals, new and tasty flavours and plenty of delicious treats – this is where you need to go for your daily fix. 

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3. My Meat Wagon

So much more than your typical BBQ joint.  

With neither an air nor a grace about this place, My Meat Wagon does one thing only and one thing to perfection – delicious, delicious meat. 

Vegetarians be warned, even the mash has meat in it. 

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4. Fish Shop

Known for having perhaps the best fish burger in Dublin, Fish Shop is home to some of the tastiest treats from the briny deep. 

They've recently opened up a new premises just down the road to cater to their massive, MASSIVE waiting list, so you know they're doing something right.

Their speciality is chunky homemade tartar sauce. Incredible. 

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5. K Chido Mexico

A hidden gem amidst all of the many Mexican spots of Dublin, K Chido Mexico is a favourite with locals and tourists. 

K Chido Mexico reminds us that there's so much more to burritos than just a wrap and beans.

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6. Namaste

Amazing Indian food and incredible prices, Namaste is the authentic Indian joint you've been waiting for. 

Their vegetarian range is superb and they always throw in complimentary poppadoms too, cos they're sound like that.

A total hidden gem, get in before they get big.

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Kate Demolder

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