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9 Cheap Ways To Make Yourself Feel Fancy

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We are limited by our budgets. We can’t afford to jet off first class, go shopping for designer clothes or travel around in a town car.

But there are little ways that even ordinary folk like us can make ourselves feel like glamourous. And they don’t have to cost much money either.

1. Dress up

Even if there’s no particular reason to do so. It’ll make you feel confident all day.


2. Get a manicure

Manicures are usually not too expensive, ranging from €10-20, but they will make you feel fancy for days. Here are five good places to check out.


3. Buy a large, fancy looking wine glass

Then use it when you’re sitting in front of the TV drinking €4 wine.

Wine Glass

4. Light all your candles

They do this in the movies, and now is the time to do it in real life.


5. Buy fancy tissues

They’re slightly more expensive, but the box adds a lot to the room and they’re usually very soft.


6. Go for bubbly

Spring for the extra €1-€2 for some prosecco or cava instead of your usual glass of wine.


7. Cook something tasty

Put aside the usual beans on toast for a night and cook something instagrammable. Check out our recipe section for some ideas.


8. Chill in the lobby of a fancy hotel

Curl up with a book and order a pot of tea.


9. Buy some macaroons

Ditch the usual chocolate and take things up a level. You can get them in Marks and Spencers and Dunnes Stores among others.


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