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10 Simple Salads To Make This Week For Some Healthy Lunches

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At lunchtime it can be hard to resist the temptation of a toasted sandwich covered in melted cheese, or a dirty chicken fillet roll. But there is a better way – a healthier way!

For anyone trying to eat clean, you know that meal prep is the only way to fight these temptations, so we’ve put together a list of ten super healthy, and easy salads to make and bring in your lunchbox.

Not only will your bank balance thank you, but you’ll feel the difference yourself too!

1. Spinach, Mango and Curried Sweet Potato Salad

Full recipe here.


2. Mexican Chicken Salad

Full recipe here.


3. Pesto Salmon and Edamame Niçoise Salad

Full recipe here.


4. Quinoa Salad with Grilled Vegetables

Full recipe here.


5. Chickpea, Lentil and Feta Salad

Full recipe here.


6. Spicy Sweet Potato Salad

Full recipe here.


7. Asian Salad with Red Cabbage and Chicken

Full recipe here.


8. Kale and Rocket Salad with Cous Cous

Full recipe here.


9. Thai Beef Salad

Full recipe here.


10. Salmon and Avocado Quinoa Salad

Full recipe here.


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