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20th Dec 2016

9 Fool-Proof Ways To Get Out Of Bed On A Cold, Cold Morning


Life can be tough sometimes.

Especially when it’s 7.27am and you’re already running late from work but can’t seem to drag yourself from your duvet cocoon of ultimate comfort.

So, here are some inspired suggestions to make getting up on cold mornings that little bit easier. Some you may find helpful, while others you may find downright ridiculous…

Cinderella Sleep Gif

1. Don’t go to sleep

If you stay up partying all night you don’t have to go to bed, and thus get up the next morning.

Giphy 2

2. Sleep in all your clothes

You’ll be extra cosy, you’ll save time the next morning and you won’t feel cold when you emerge from your duvet fort.


3. Put the heating on a timer to kick in an hour before you wake

Much warmth.

Giphy 3

4. Get your significant other/housie/a drone to bring you a mug of coffee to warm you up

You can drink it, or…

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5. Get your dog to warm your feet while you rummage for socks

Boo Dog Gif

6. Turn your gaff into a sauna

You’ll never be cold again.

Tumblr Inline Mzt8hyvc O11rbrja2

7. Move to a warmer climate

Preferably somewhere that doesn’t drop below 15°C


8. Have a delicious hot brekkie as soon as you get up

You 100% deserve eggs benny, berry porridge and a side of Nutella pancakes for getting out of bed. Treat yo’self!

Dont Let This Gif Fool You These Nutella Pancakes Will Be Scrumptious

9. Or alternatively, don’t get up at all

If you never have to leave your comfort palace, you will never be cold again.

Giphy 4


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