9 Signs You're Slowly Turning Into A Dub

How many can you tick off?


Loads of people who live in our fair city are not from here originally, which we love.

The longer you've lived in Dublin, the more likely you are to have assimilated into the culture.

Whether you're a born and bred culchie or from further afield, here are nine signs you're slowly becoming a Dub.

1. You've adopted the language

You move to Dublin and a month later you're telling people to go ask your bollix. Masso.

2. You refer to Dublin as 'home'

Just don't let your mammy catch you saying that!

3. You know the difference between Rathgar and Rathmines

And between Sandymount, Sandyford and Sandycove. You got this.

4. You know Bono is a pox

But you secretly think U2 have got some good tunes.

5. You know the bus routes like the back of your hand

And the same goes for the Daniel Day.

6. Your mates slag you about your accent

"Is that a Dublin twang I hear?"

"Ah gerrup ow'da, ye clown!"

7. You know all the best places to eat

And have already tried everything on this list.

8. You refuse to call Lansdowne Road 'The Aviva'

And the 3Arena will forever be The Point.

9. And you know where to get the best Guinness

And it's not in Temple Bar.


Credit: John Kavanagh "The Gravediggers", Facebook

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