Bono's Daughter Made Him Watch Her Nude Scenes In 'The Knick'

Totes awks!


Bono's daughter may have done some serious emotional damage to her dad by making him sit through her nude scenes in her latest acting role..


The 24-year-old is currently starring in Steven Soderbergh's medical drama, The Knick. alongside Clive Owen and according to the Independent, she had to force her parents to watch it, including the nude scenes.

They watched every episode - my parents were funny about it but they were really supportive and my mom just kept saying to my sister, 'She's so good' [...] I think my dad had a few moments where he went 'Agh' [and had to cover his face] but they loved the show.

Eve Hewson

Perhaps they should rename the show 'The Nip,' amirite?

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