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20th Dec 2016

Don’t Know What To Put In The Stockings This Year? We’e Got You Covered


With Christmas less than a week away, now is the time to buckle down and think of gifts.

Whether you’re someone who still gets stocking fillers, or the person who is trying to avoid the desperate Christmas Eve search for small gifts to make up the space, we have something for you.

Hat, gloves and scarves

Every year we buy ever more gloves, hats and scarves. And yet somehow when winter rolls around you’re missing one of the gloves and you can’t find a hat to save your life. These are the things most likely to be forgotten on buses and trains. 

Even if the person has these items, more can’t hurt. They’ll have another colour and style to mix and match with.

Img 20161211 155741

PJs and slippers

It’s a little recognised fact, but almost no one ever buys pyjamas or slippers for themselves. 

For whatever reason, the idea of getting these things seems to slip your mind. You wait around until Christmas and then you’re sorted. 

Plus, then you have special Christmas pyjamas to get into that night and comfy slippers to walk around in on Christmas morning.

Img 20161211 155827

Books, games and other distractions

As exciting as Christmas is, there are usually dull periods over the holidays.

You could use this time productively, but that feels against the spirit of Christmas. You could waste time the way you usually do but that doesn’t seem special enough. 

One of the most exciting things about getting a present is being able to play with it or use it immediately. Good examples are books, trivia games, and crosswords. 

For the more artistic you have colouring by numbers and other sets you can get in art and hobby shops.

Img 20161211 161221


These items, like candles, picture frames, posters and storage boxes, are usually not too expensive, but go down a treat. They add a little something and are easy to personalise. 

Almost every shop sells something like this.

Img 20161211 155403

Travel-size minis

The period after Christmas is one of the most common times of the year for people to travel. Even if the person is not jetting off straight away, items like mini shampoos and toothpastes keep forever and are incredibly handy. 

Even if you have just run out of toiletries at home they’re good in a pinch. And importantly, they’re cute and tiny.

Img 20161211 154232


What is the one thing that everyone needs, no matter how old or young or what stage of life they are at? Love. Also pens. 

When buying stationery for stocking fillers it’s important to focus on quality over quantity. While people have their preferences for felt-tips, roller-balls and ink cartridge pens, appreciation for a good pen is universal. 

Throw in some nice notebooks for good measure.

Img 20161211 160509

Tasty treats

Food is the perfect stocking filler, because you can be pretty sure it’s something the person wants and is constantly running out of. Some houses go with the traditional oranges in stocking, others with chocolate oranges. 

Of course, the classic Christmas gift is the selection box. Can’t go wrong with one of those.

Alternatively, if the recipient is on the older end of the scale, a bottle of wine or some form of alcohol is always appreciated.

Img 20161211 154544

If you’re still stuck for what to put in a stocking, remember the golden rule – is this something small that you have a tendency to buy every time you go shopping? If you grab socks in Penneys, or can’t leave H&M without a new piece of jewellery, then chances are other people do exactly the same. 

The little items that are not too expensive but make you feel marginally better about your overall purchase – these are the perfect stocking fillers.

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