Dublin Really REALLY Needs These Offices That Look Like Star Trek's USS Enterprise

Hey Silicon Docks – time to boldly up your game, wha?


We love how Dublin is the tech capital of Europe – and we love how the so-called 'Silicon Docks' have quickly become one of the slickest and coolest looking parts of the city.

But do you know what they really need?

A big feck-off, in-your-face Starship, that's what.

The 43-year-old founder of Chinese game developer NetDragon Websoft, Liu Dejian, is a massive Star Trek fan. So when it came to designing a new headquarters for his company, he did exactly what any fan would – and had the offices designed to look exactly like the USS Enterprise, according to this report in the Wall Street Journal.

Which version of the Enterprise? Well, apparently nobody knows – and fans of the show have been arguing about that online for days.

What we do know, however, is that these offices are bloody brilliant. Can we have some, please?