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21st Apr 2017

Here’s How To Get Through Work Today If You’re Absolutely Exhausted

Alana Laverty

It’s Friday.

We’re already on coffee number four, can barely keep our eyes open and are dreaming about bed. 

Today is gonna be rough af. 

So here are some hacks to get you through today…

1. Perform easier tasks earlier in the day

Get that brain warmed up, girl. 

Try getting the smaller things out of the way first — emails, filing, updates. 

Start ticking things off of that to-do list and your energy will increase naturally. 

The day’ll be over before you know it. 

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2. Drink lots of water 

Keep a bottle of water within easy reach at all times. 

Dehydration destroys concentration so make sure you’re sipping plenty of uisce throughout the day — especially if you’re tired. 

Go easy on coffee and sugary drinks — they’ll burn you out, baby. 

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3. Ban distractions 

You won’t hit any of your Friday deadlines if you don’t banish all distractions to the depths of hell today. 

Don’t take breaks from the task at hand and steer clear of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a few hours. Save those treats for your lunch break. 

Snap your fingers every time you feel your mind wandering towards distractions and get back to what you should actually be working on. 

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4. Move around 

Stand up. Sit down. Move around. 

It’s much harder to fall asleep when you’re standing up and moving around than when you’re slouched down in your office chair. 

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5. Watch what you eat

You’re already knackered — so do yourself a favour and watch what you eat. 

Stick to things like protein, whole grains and fibre rather than sugar and carbs. 

You need easy energy right now — and that’s exactly what you’ll get from these foods. 

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If all else fails — go take a nap in the boardroom. 

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