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20th Dec 2016

Kylie Jenner Challenge, Bus Strikes and Petitions: Your Guide To This Weekend’s Pub Talk


Every week, we bring you your cheat-sheet to tonight’s pub conversations – the things you just know are going to come up, and how you can bluff your way through them even if you haven’t been following the news (or the internet) too closely this week…

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Kylie Jenner’s lips have been a pretty popular topic of discussion over the past few months for anyone following celebrity news. ‘How can that be just lip liner?’, ‘did she get work done?’ and ‘how the fudge is that girl only 17?’ questions are commonplace. However, gangs of teens across Ireland have been hoping to achieve her look by indulging in this new craze which involves putting a bottle or jar on your lips, inhaling and leaving for as long as possible in the hopes of getting swollen lips. More often than not they end up with a big purple circle around their mouth, or with cut lips due to the glass cracking.

  • Do say: “Oh my god, I love your lipstick!”
  • Don’t say: “Did you lose a a fight with the hoover?”


Bus Strikes

Over the month of May a total of seven day’s strike action is planned for both Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann, mainly targeted over the May and June bank holiday weekends The Department of Transport is in the process of putting 10% of the companies’ unprofitable routes out to private operators. The unions argue that this would cut their hours, pay and prospects in the long run – as it has in other cities around the world. The strikes will cost €5m in lost revenue and that’s just within the bus companies themselves. If you take into account the toll on the broader economy, and the loss of productivity and business, the number will be much higher despite 180million of tax payers’ money going into Dublin bus last year.

  • Do say: “Any chance of a lift?”
  • Don’t say: “It’s grand sure, we’ve no plans for the next two bank holiday weekends.”

Marriage Equality Mural Petition

Planning officials from Dublin City Council released a warning notice earlier this week about Joe Caslin’s mural depicting two men embracing on South Great George’s Street. While there has been much discussion about the mural from both sides since it appeared a fortnight ago, Dublin City Council say it may need to be removed due to a lack of planning permission. A petition was made in the hopes that the mural would be able to remain as is that has received 40,000 signatures so far. Meanwhile some rogue photoshops have appeared online, trying to make the mural more suitable to both sides.

  • Do say: “Did you hear the mural might be taken down?”
  • Don’t say: “What mural?”
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