Meet Louise O'Connor – The Unappreciated Irish Comedy Genius Who You Need To Follow On Twitter

Absolute gold


One of the reasons why we love Twitter is because, besides the stand-ups and comedy writers trying to prove their wit on a daily basis, it's also full of genuinely hilarious 'normal' people who don't even need to try.

Louise O'Connor is one such person – on an almost-daily basis, she'll come out with something that will make you guffaw and possibly spit tea all over your screen.

This selection is just from the last few weeks, and sums up exactly why she's worth a follow. 

Some take a few seconds to sink in...

... but when the penny drops...

... it's pure gold



Some, on the other hand, are just instant genius

This is all of us

As is this

While this is just a downright excellent idea


And finally, she's not averse to a bit of investigative journalism

Follow her here

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Aidan Coughlan