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20th Dec 2016

Those Nasty Eating Habits That Make Our Blood Boil


We’re not about to name names here, but some people out there really should never eat in public. You know what I’m talking about, those nasty eating habits that turn you off your food and make your blood boil. We’ve complied a list of the crimes that drive us crazy, but would love to hear the habits that you can’t stand. It’s Monday so high time for a rant… Lets get this off our chests.

People talking with their mouth full

There is no excuse for this, we were all told this was wrong from when we were wee toddlers. I know you may think what you have to say is so exciting and interesting that you just can’t wait, but trust me we can wait.

Eating from a serving dish with your saliva encrusted cutlery

This may just incense the germaphobes among us, but there are serving spoons for a reason. No one wants to see you take a piece of cutlery from your mouth and then stir it into the bowl of salsa -that we all are eating from- to get your second helping.

People using their fingers to take something from a serving dish and then putting it back.

This is a surprising common offence. We all know the person who decides to squeeze all the bread rolls before taking their own. Great. Now we have to eat a squashed roll that is contaminated by your grubby fingers. Lovely. 

bread basket

Slurping soup.

You know those people who slurp their soup so loudly that it sounds like a wind tunnel? It puts us off our own soup, and that makes us sad.

People who keep eating off your plate.

Okay, okay, many of us are guilty of this. We all know the people with the seemingly extra long forks, stealing bites from everyone else’s plates. For some people sharing is not caring. In fact, you are a thief.

People putting salt and pepper on their food before tasting.

This one is particularly annoying if the chef is amongst you. If someone has gone to the effort of cooking you a lovely meal and seasoned it to perfection, would you not even taste it before covering it in a sandstorm of salt?!

Ketchup on steaks.

This is worse than the salt, as it makes us all seem uncouth. If we’re all splashing out on a nice steak dinner, people don’t ruin it by being that guy/girl.

People that start eating before everyone’s food arrives.

It’s usually just a matter of seconds so hang on. We don’t want to listen to our tummy rumbling  while watching you happily munch away on your plate of food. Also, we don’t want to be stuck still eating while everyone else is finished.

When there’s a jug of water and someone only fills theirs

It will literally take you seconds to fill ours too. And really, you should fill all the other glasses before your own if we’re going to get particular about it.


People cooling down their food by blowing all over it, and subsequently you too.

Does this need an explanation? We don’t think so.

People who eat with their hands

There are not many people who do this, it is a bit too barbaric for most of us. But there are still a few rouge offenders out there flying the flag for caveman style table manners. Unacceptable.

So there is our list of offending eating habits. Rant over.  What the ones that drive you crazy? Let us know in the comments below!