Only 4 People Have Ever Completed The 666 Hot Wing Challenge, Do You Reckon You'd Be Able?

Feeling hot, hot, HOT!

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The very thought of Just Wing It's '666 Challenge' has us shaking in our boots....

The wings are marinated in a sauce made of four different chillies - California reaper, Naga, Ghosts and pure Capsaicin that reaches 9 million on the Scoville scale. Just to put in context, that's twice as hot as U.S. Grade pepper spray. Fuck.

Think that's not very hot? Just look at these poor unfortunate souls who attempted the challenge before:

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Carl on the Nicky Byrne show on 2fm also attempted the challenge not too long ago, with hilarious results..

So, d'ya reckon you're up for the challenge? Come along to our 4th of July Festival this Saturday and get involved!

Just Wing It will be taking 4 competitors on the day who will have to consume 6 wings one each minute for 6 minutes, followed by a 6 minute burn period before they can take a drink. That burn period is going to be an absolute bitch.

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Only four people out of 100 competitiors have every succeeded, you say? Game on - sign up here.