Pub Talk: Jim Carrey, Prosecco, Tantrums and #HomeToVote

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Every week, we bring you your cheat-sheet to tonight's pub conversations – the hot topics that you just know are going to come up, and how you can bluff your way through them even if you haven't been following the news (or the internet) too closely this week...

The Obama Tantrum

Kids are pesky sometimes, they'll be as good as gold right up until they happen to be in the comapny of the leader of the free world. Me nerves. Imagine the mortification of your offspring throwing a strop like this when they meet the President of the United States.

Jim Carrey, Die-hard Tipp Supporter

Bet you didn't know that Jim Carrey is mad into his GAA? He was papped wandering around NYC, holding hands with his ex, Caitriona White who is originally from Tipperary. Pics that appeared on The Daily Mail's website show him sporting the blue and yellow colours with pride. You never know, we may see in Croker yet!

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Prosecco Shortage Forecast

We've all become quite fond of Prosecco, with lots of venues now stocking it on tap. But rumour has it that Champagne's cheaper cousin is living on borrowed time.. There could be a Prosecco shortfall in the coming months, due to a poor harvest last year which will see prices increase about 50%. Devastating times!



We couldn't do a Pub Talk this week without mentioning the Yes Equality campaign or the Marriage Referendum. The Irish diaspora rallied together, coming from far and wide to vote at home yesterday. The constant stream of photos, status updates, tweets have been nothing short of heartwarming. This picture of the queue in Dublin airport on Thursday night says it all really.

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