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20th Dec 2016

Apparently We’re Going To Experience Record Temperatures In Ireland This Summer


Irish temperatures are set to hit record highs this June, rivalling that of Summer 2013, according to Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden.

The forecasting expert had the following to say in relation to the glorious weather expected from next week on:

Despite a much fresher and slightly more unsettled outlook in the coming days, there is now agreement that high pressure will dominate for the remainder of May. This will allow many parts of the country to bask in well above-average temperatures – with a number of heat surges around the mid month period and during the final third of the month. All of this will deliver optimum conditions for heatwave after heatwave during the start of the meteorological summer, and several of these heat surges are likely to be of some major significance in terms of the maximum recorded temperatures.

James Madden

Did you see that? 


What a time to be alive! 

Here’s hoping that Madden’s forecasts were all accurate, and we’ll spend our summer days basking in some truly crackin’ weather.

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