Relive The Magic – 20 Amazing Pictures Of The Incredible Irish Win Against France

Go on the boys in green!

I'm sure you were all like us here, in that our hearts stopped at least four times during that match.

Despite some injuries, we've had one of the best days in Irish sport and we should enjoy every moment. The rest of the world better watch out, because we're the real deal.

Here are 20 high-res pictures from the match, to help you relive the magic.

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PA-24404940 1
PA-24404861 1
PA-24404848 1
PA-24404815 1
PA-24404675 1
PA-24404654 1
PA-24404572 1
PA-24404493 1
PA-24404490 1
PA-24404247 1
PA-24404199 1
PA-24404194 1
PA-24404176 1
PA-24404157 1
PA-24404102 1
PA-24404099 1
PA-24404094 1
PA-24404093 1
PA-24404065 1
PA-24404061 1

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