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27th Feb 2018

Show Us Your Bits Jenny Huston


Last week we decided to start a new feature called ‘Show Us Your Bits‘ in a nosy bid to get to know some of the coolest and most creative people in Dublin city. This week we checked out Jenny Huston’s bits. Formerly a radio DJ, Jenny is now an entrepreneur after launching her new jewellery range Edge Only which sells seriously edgy bling. Scroll down to see what essentials she has to carry around with her…

IMG 6605

‘I tend to carry half the world with me by day. I think people would be horrified if I dumped out my bag. Wallet, make-up, keys, tissues, pen, business cards, brush, hair tie, water, woolly hat, silver cloth, loupe. On top of all of that my bag is often full of jewellery ready to go to the Assay office for hallmarking or for finishing with the goldsmiths – it gets heavy!’


‘I have annoyingly sensitive skin so my dermatologist sent me for allergy testing convinced that was my issue. He was right: strawberries, oranges, kiwis, bananas, grass, trees, dogs, cats, dust, peanuts, prawns… I refuse to give up petting dogs or enjoying the occasional Pad Thai so antihistamines come with me to calm any reactions.’

MG 6602

‘Since opening Edge Only in September I always have a necklace or ring in my bag just in case I forget to put them on rushing out for a meeting (heaven forbid a jewellery designer show up without anything to show). I carry a jewellers loupe and silver cloth with me also. The loupe allows you to see fine detail (10x magnification) to check over pieces and to confirm hallmarks (they are tiny on gold earrings!) and the cloth removes any finger prints or light tarnish.’

MG 6600

‘If a wallet and keys are the milk and sugar (or almond milk and agave) of your bag, then lip balm is the olive oil. I would be as twitchy if I forgot lip balm as I would be if I forgot my phone. Dry lips are so uncomfortable! It’s my number one essential. Smith’s rosebud lip salve is my favourite (I have multiple tins so I am never without).’

MG 6601

You can check out Jenny’s precious metal, edgy jewellery for men and women