Someone Actually Went And Made Our 'Hipster' 3-in-1 – And It Looks Pretty Amazing

We were half-kidding when we posted the recipe... but this reader stepped up to the plate!


The response to the scathing condemnation of the 3-in-1 we published yesterday has, to say the very least, been rather colourful.

So naturally, we thought we'd have a bit of fun amid all the furore – and today, we posted a recipe for a 'hipster' version of the takeaway favourite, comprised of courgette fries, saffron rice and homemade curry sauce.

What started off as a joke, however, actually developed into a pretty delish-sounding recipe. And so we were fairly delighted when we checked Instagram tonight, to discover one of our readers had actually gone to the kitchen and whipped it up.

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Kim Cody – who previously wrote for Lovin Dublin about the nightmares endured by service staff – lovingly assembled every aspect of the 'alternative' 3-in-1, and we have to say it looks fucking delish.

Have we just accidentally stumbled upon the culinary invention of the 21st Century?

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Aidan Coughlan