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The 10 Stages You Experience When Watching 'First Dates Ireland'

By seank

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Maybe it's just because the show's still so new, but every episode of First Dates Ireland feels a bit like an event.

When shit goes down in the show, and it always does, you just want to hear everyone else's thoughts on it. That's why it's the kind of show that's best to watch in a group, although via WhatsApp group also works.

If you've been an ardent viewer of the programme, and by clicking on this you've pretty much confirmed that you are, you've probably experienced the following stages...

1. The pre-show excitement

Impatiently waiting for the ads to end.


Which invariably leads to boredom snacking

2. Monitoring Twitter reactions 

All those funny people on the internet make this show far more entertaining than it actually has any right to be.

Internet Clap

3. Positive beginnings

Okay, okay, things seem to be going swimmingly. Maybe everything will be okay! It could happen, right?


4. Waiting for things to go south 

Of course, too many happy couples are boring. We came for drama, after all. 

Somebody give out to their date for having a wee already!


5. Providing your own commentary on the show

With all these insightful and witty remarks you're pumping out, you should be on Gogglebox.


6. Becoming over-invested

This couple seem like they're getting on really well, they look great together, there's no reason they shouldn't be together... LOVE IS REAL.

Elf Buddy Im In Love

7. The moment that something awkward happens

*turns to co-watcher* "Did you see that?"

New Girl

So deliciously cringe

8. Having YOUR say on Twitter

"Ooh yeah, this tweet is most definitely making it onto Lovin Dublin tomorrow".


9. The tension when they're about to reveal if there'll be a second date

I know he likes her, but did she like him?! Dear God, I'm not able for this.

Suspense Is Terrible

10. Post-show analysis

You and your co-watchers discuss how the dates went, what couples surprised you most, and who were the biggest eejits of the episode.

Alternatively, if you're of the opinion that the show doesn't quite live up to its UK counterpart, you can always sum it up with one concise sentence.


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