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20th Dec 2016

The 12 Funniest Irish Tweets Of The Week


You guys have done it again. Gas lads and ladies, the lot of you. 

Here’s our tweets of this week, and we promise, they’re pretty bloody great.

1. Dating with @AisMullins

2. Music with @POBHerty

3. Life lessons with @TheOrlacle

4. Anger issues with @GerryMcBride

5. Public transport with @claire_o_connor

6. Funemployment with @himynameisaine

7. Emergency with @POBHerty

8. #Goals with @MarianKeyes

9. The important things with @lindseynagelfan

10. Talking smack, the right way with @badmoodring

11. Fulfilling the stereotype with @MallowNews

12. And finally, Geography with @glennthefitz

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