13 Of The Funniest Irish Tweets From Over The Last Week



Each week, we do a round up of some of the best and funniest tweets Irish people have to offer. They are plentiful, they are great and they are generally all you need to completely turn your day around, for the better.

In layman's terms: Irish people + Twitter = all sorts of gas. 

And we've picked out the best of the best. 


1. Just no with @POBHerty

2. Nightlife with @BlaisinSquad

3. A mother's love with @peterrrwalsh

4. All hail Claire's with @himynameisaine

Stylish, and ethical.

5. The eternal struggle with @rbcakn

6. The Beyoncé effect

7. Importance with @aoiph

8. The land of a thousand complaints with @rubot



Shut up.

9. Don't mind me with @fustar

10. Life imitates art with @DeadlySean

11. History repeating itself with @LeHandyman

12. Updates with @Rubberbandits

13. And finally, this gem by @FattiBurke