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20th Dec 2016

The 10 Most Awkward Moments From ‘Come Dine With Me’


Come Dine With Me is cringe comedy at its best.

Everybody loved the show a few years back until we all kinda forgot about it (if you’re not familiar with the concept, it involves a group randomers competing to throw the best dinner party over the course of a week for a £1,000 prize), but we were abruptly reminded how gas it is when a lad named Peter came last in this week’s episode.

Brilliant, but this awkward moment is just the tip of the iceberg for the Channel 4 programme. Have a look at 10 other deliciously cringe clips from Come Dine With Me.

1. The authentic sushi experience

Most people are put off by finding a hair in their food, so why this host thought it was a good idea to use some random guy’s hairy chest as a communal plate for all his guests, we’ll never know.

2. When Salvo lost his cool and chucked the dinner in the bin

Salvo was clearly having a bad day already, so when one of his guests described his menu as “easy”, he lost the plot.

3. Animal impressions that no one asked for

In an attempt to keep the dinner conversation going, these guests revealed their favourite animals. Which the most excitable member of the party took as an open invitation to make jungle noises…

4. Sore loser much?

Heather Horsfall had much in common with Peter from the latest episode of CDWM: both show an equal measure of grace in defeat.

5. That look of sheer and utter disgust 

You really need to know someone well before it’s okay to go slurping from a bowl in front of them, certainly longer than just a few days. Case in point, this woman’s face.

6. Can we please stop talking about chest licking?

After a week of dinner party conversations revolving around the ladies’ desire to lick the chest of the only other male contestant, Pete had reached the end of his tether. We’re pretty sure he was just feeling a bit left out though.

7. The difference between dogs and babies

Babies. Dogs. There is a difference, you know. Prepare to be educated.

8. Peter’s OTHER big moment

Peter from the latest episode of Come Dine With Me had one shining glorious moment at the end of the episode, meaning you might have missed this cringe-inducing bit from earlier that same evening…

9. When Brian Kennedy dispensed red wine justice

At the height of its popularity, Come Dine With Me Ireland had a celebrity special featuring Brian Kennedy, Roz Purcell, Noel Cunningham, Paul Martin, and Mondo from Fair City.

The awkward moment? When Paul Martin makes a dig at Kennedy’s music and the songbird of Belfast decides to get some liquid payback.

We’re not sure who’s in the right here, but we are certain Mondo was fighting the urge to piss himself laughing.

10. She just couldn’t pronounce ‘magnificent’

This one isn’t awkward really, but it is fuckin’ hilarious. 

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