The One Thing You Have To Watch On Netflix Tonight - Toy Story 3


Feeling a little bit worse for wear following the weekend? What you need tonight is a movie that won't require too much thinking, but also give you a bit of a giggle. Something from Disney & Pixar would be the obvious choice for the spongey state you're probably in, and Toy Story 3 fits the requirements perfectly. Not only is it hilarious, with mutli-layered jokes and innuendoes (the love triangle between Barbie, Ken, and his wardrobe anyone?) which flew straight over children's heads, but it's also a delight to watch Buzz & Woody get a new lease of life after Andy discards them. Beware if you're feeling particularly fragile though, the final scene may have you reaching for the tissues...

Written By

Fíodhna Horan Murphy

Fíodhna is deputy editor of Lovin Dublin and the Lovin Group. She's mad into music, gigs, cans by the canal and anything leopard print.