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20th Dec 2016

This Waiting Staff’s Gesture To A Customer And Her Son With Special Needs Is Incredibly Heartwarming


We can say with confidence that this is the sweetest thing you’ll read today.

When visiting Maynooth recently, after an especially busy day, one Irish mother brought her son Darach, diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder, and their assistance dog Cassie into the local Bistro 53 for a bite to eat.

After Cassie accidentally spilled orange juice onto the boy, Darach went into “meltdown” in the middle of the restaurant, and his mother acted quickly to settle him, conscious of the surrounding customers… 

Take a look Facebook post below to see how the nearby waitors reacted to the situation (disclaimer: if you’re prone to get teary, you may need the Kleenex handy).

Bistro 53‘s waiting staff, you are absolute legends.

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