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11th Mar 2018

11 Times Irish Telly Was Accidentally Feckin’ Hilarious


Irish TV is no stranger to accidental hilarity.

There’s been plenty of unintentionally brilliant moments on our screens in recent times, like when Evelyn Cusack’s weather graphics failed disastrously and when a young Wexford supporter gave their mate the finger on The Sunday Game.

All these incidents have got us thinking about other times that Irish telly has been bloody hilarious by accident — here are just 11 of the best moments.

1. Sharon Ní Bheoláin called Brian Dobson ‘Dobbo’ live on air

Sharon and Brian Dobson were having a bit of live broadcast banter when she accidentally called him Dobbo.

The nation now knows she calls him Dobbo off the air. Now we simply play the waiting game to find out what her nickname is.

2. That time Pat Kenny ripped up Toy Show tickets on air

When a lady won tickets to The Late Late Toy Show and said she wasn’t “particularly interested” in attending, Pat was all like “Then F your tickets so!” and tore them up. (Editor’s note: He didn’t actually say that.)

3. When Pat Kenny got abused on Frontline

Poor auld Pat again. This time a particularly irate member of the Frontline audience was giving him serious grief.

4. Brendan O’Connor got heckled on his show

You know how sometimes showmen are really good at putting hecklers in their place? This wasn’t one of those times.

5. When Aengus Mac Grianna forgot how to talk on air

Happens to best of us, except usually not so publicly.

6. When Aengus Mac Grianna slowly realised he was live while applying make-up

Seriously, Aengus must be delighted that Teresa Mannion has finally taken the heat off him as the most unintentionally hilarious RTÉ newsperson.

7. The guy who slipped on the ice

Of course he had to make this list. We’d love to know who this guy is, for he will forever be in our hearts… and our News Feeds every December.

8. Frostbit Boy

This guy inspired so many bad impressions of “ya wouldn’t be long gettin’ frostbit” that he actually got to appear on Ellen. Because apparently that’s how fame works these days.

9. Horse trainer who revealed his big plans for the night

Personally speaking, I think news reports on horse racing need more of this carry on.

10. Fake typing

This has to be our personal favourite. It’s also definitive proof that when these news segments are being put together, somebody behind the scenes occasionally feels the need to take the absolute piss.

11. This guy tearing into a 99

And not a single fuck was given that day.

Did we miss any good ones? Enlighten us in the comments.

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