TV3's Hot New Irish Drama Red Rock Premieres Tonight


With the recent launch of UTV Ireland, there have been a few shakeups on Irish television. One of these changes is that TV3 will no longer be broadcasting Coronation Street or Eastenders, they are now only viewable on UTV Ireland. However, there's good news for anyone despairing at the loss of the shows for TV3 as it means that they have created a brand new show to fill the hole left by the soaps. Red Rock is set in a fictional seaside village outside Dublin city, and details the lives of two feuding families.


The Hennessys have a monopoly over most businesses in the village, while the Kielys, who used to be a fishing family, have since become involved with petty crime. It is essentially a police drama, which documents the dark secrets that both the families and the police force hold. Personally, I'm really looking forward to checking it out as the standard of Irish television series has been steadily improving over the past few years, so I am very excited to see what TV3 have up their sleeve.


While it may seem ambitious, TV3 plans to air two episodes a week for the next two years. Having invested €7 million in the show, they're pretty serious about their latest venture. There's a huge budget and a great amount of production behind Red Rock, so it looks like it will definitely be worth tuning in for. The first season will see two episodes being aired on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8.30pm, beginning tonight. There will also be a few familiar faces popping up throughout the series as well, with Denise McCormack who played Fran's wife in Love/Hate playing one of the lead roles. Take a gander at this trailer, it has us hooked already...