Unidentified Feckin' Objects In The Sky Tonight

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Grab the tinfoil, and head into your basement because there's going to be an alien invasion on tonight's episode of Moone Boy..

The episode will guest star John Sessions as Dr Gnot, local conspiracy theorist and radio presenter of "Believe It Or Not with Dr Steven Gnot". Aliens have landed in Boyle, in the form of crop circles and sure aren't Martin and Padraic only feckin' delighted.

Martin becomes the local correspondent, informing media that the local mule, Donkey Kong, has been abducted by extra-terrestrials. The whole village go into panic stations, fearful that Boyle could be destroyed. Now we're not gonna ruin the plot line, but let's just say that things get pretty mental, and in typical Moone Boy style - hilariously so.

9pm, Sky 1.


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Fíodhna Horan Murphy

Fíodhna is deputy editor of Lovin Dublin and the Lovin Group. She's mad into music, gigs, cans by the canal and anything leopard print.