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22nd May 2018

Lovin Dubliners: I Spent The Day With Irish Jewellery Designer Chupi

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

The change-makers of Dublin come from many different lines of work and interests. They are each making their own impact however, doing what they love. 

Every week I get the chance to dig a little deeper and follow these innovative minds on a typical day in the life. 

This week on our new Instagram series, Lovin Dubliners, I was fortunate enough to follow one of my favourite Irish designers, Chupi, around for the day. 

Chupi creates delicate jewellery to mark special moments. She prides herself on creating modern heirlooms that will last a lifetime. 

I’ve never been mad about jewellery but I remember coming across Chupi’s Instagram page and being instantly drawn to how aesthetically gorgeous it was. Since then I’ve found myself stalking the page daily and dreaming that someday I’ll own my very own Chupi piece. I know I’m not the only one. 

I met Chupi in her store, located on the top floor of Powerscourt Townhouse and she showed me around and talked me through her inspiration as a designer and her own story.

How did you get into your line of work?

“My husband proposed and I remember getting my engagement ring and just being like, I have something that will mark a moment and tell a story that will be with me for the rest of my life… And I wanted to make that”

Chupi began her journey as the youngest designer to ever work for Topshop. She left what some might consider the “dream job” to pursue her own dream and create timeless pieces rather than fashion fads. 

She took a big risk, but it paid off and now she’s running her own super successful business. When I asked about this she explained:

“I think why not, there’s so many things you should be in your life – bored is not one of them. There’s time to be bored but it’s not with your career. Life is short, you should chase your dreams.”

Where do you find inspiration for your unique pieces?

“I love the story of why and the story of how, not just a piece of sparkly but where it came from and how it was made.”

Chupi defines herself as a serial swan stalker. She gathers twigs and feathers down by the canal and turns them into shiny gold emblems. It adds a personal Irish touch to every piece. 

Through her jewellery, she hopes to tell stories and mark moments. 

So what’s your story?

Chupi tells her own story through a stack of rings on her left ring finger. She took me through each one – Her engagement ring, wedding band, a tribute to the ones she loves and her own creation. I really loved this idea, that you can wear a special moment forever.

“I want to be one of those ladies when I’m in my nineties, sitting there with my great granddaughter talking her through all of the beautiful things I have and why I’m wearing them, why they matter to me.”

What’s your favourite piece in your store?

Chupi presented me with a heart shaped ring.

“I drew that ring on my hand in pencil and then after that i took it and shaped the gold to make that perfect shape. I love it, it’s one of those ones you’ll never take off again.”

It’s so nice to think that the jewellery we wear has been made by someone who we could pass by on the street on any given day.

I definitely have a new appreciation for jewellery and since meeting Chupi, I even find myself asking people about their rings or bracelets and the story behind them. 

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