Lovin Dubliners: Jill And Gill Celebrate Inspirational Women In Their Work

By Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

September 25, 2018 at 3:47pm


One of the biggest trends in fast fashion as of late is bold printed quotes.

"Taco Tuesday", "Feminist", "Follow Your Dreams"... you name it, it's been printed on a not-so-good quality t-shirt that you'll be able to pick up on the high street for under a tenner.

There are two ladies however, who are taking a step away from this kind of apparel and creating something new and different. Something eye-catching, that will get people talking and most importantly, celebrate the boss ladies that have paved the way and inspired us over the years.

Say hello to Jill & Gill - Two boss ladies who run a savage illustration and print studio.

Jill and Gill paired up back in 2016 after collaborating on a print commission together. Since then they've worked on projects for James Vincent McMorrow, Currabinny, Smirnoff, Repeal project, Jameson and Brown Thomas.

Their apparel has been their biggest and most iconic project yet.

Jill is a sketch artist and Gillian is a print maker, neither can do the other's job but together they make a unique product that's instantly recognisable.


The t-shirts and crew neck jumpers are bright, bold and super eye-catching. The images are hand drawn, then turned into screen prints and transferred onto the clothes. The garments are really well made and ethically sourced. They have been created under the brand's ethos to be fashion conscious and timeless.

They said they hope for customers to "invest in our apparels journey not just our designs"

We caught up with Jill and Gill for this week's episode of Lovin Dubliners.

What's it like working in the creative industry in Dublin?

"It's fun. The fact that you're looking up to your peers and then suddenly you're on the same page, working together, interacting or collaborating on something new. Anytime we do something it's not just us. We bring in other creatives, be it at a pop-up or even a piece of art."


What made you choose this line of work?

"I like being able to put so much energy to the point where you're emotionally wrecked but at the end of the day it's all for you. I couldn't imagine putting the amount of creative energy I have into someone else's business."

Working for yourself however, can be difficult at times, Jill explained:

"The business side can be challenging. The creative flow is natural and easy, it's the fun part. When it becomes a business you have to have that head on you, you kind of have to do all these things - run accounts, write press releases and so on. Also learning that we have to give away some of our precious bits, we can't do it all ourselves."


Talk to me about your apparel

"We came out with apparel this time last year. It was based off the first print show we ever did based on Irish Apfel, which was super successful and sold out. The demand was still there so we decided to print her onto apparel and that opened up a whole new avenue of what we could do as an illustrator and print maker. We decided then to work on the theme of boss lady."

"We also saw a gap in the market because everyone was wearing slogans and words on their chest. For us, the portrait of the woman met so much more."

You can learn more about Jill and Gill by clicking here.


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