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17th Sep 2017

We Met Dublin’s Biggest True Blue Fan Ahead Of The All-Ireland Final


With all the hype for the big showdown this Sunday in Croke park for the All-Ireland Final when Dublin faces Mayo, we’ve seen a lot of great support.

But, we have now found the ultimate true Dub supporter. If you are a GAA fan, you’ve definitely seen him around Croke Park because he’s always dressed up as Molly Malone.

Tony Broughan is an 86-year-old man from Cabra and is the biggest Dublin fan ever.

Tony has religiously followed and been to pretty much every Dublin match since the young age of nine. Impressive, eh?

He dresses in his blue frock (he actually has three dresses in total), a curly blue wig and carries around a bell and his very own SAM for every single match for over 40 years.

If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is.

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Tony took over dressing up as Molly Malone after his brother Danny sadly passed away. He said that he wanted to keep the family tradition going and has done so now for every match since.

Speaking exclusively to LovinDublin, he said, “The craic is great. I love dressing up and going to Croke Park. Everyone stops me for photographs and the atmosphere is indescribable. You wouldn’t get it anywhere else.”

Tony is a big celebrity in the Dublin GAA world, he follows all the events going on in Dublin and he even plans to go along to the Dublin team reception this Monday whether they win or lose.

He said, “You can never really predict the match. You just want them (Dublin) to do their best and at the end of the day, that’s all that counts. 

“As long as they give it their all, we’re all more than happy fans.”

Tony isn’t letting his age get in the way of going out and having a good time. The father of eight children said that the only way to watch the match is being on Hill 16. 

He even said, “I always say that I’m going to die on the hill. It’s where I’ll be I’ll tell you!”

He has raked up many wonderful memories over the years and keeps a collection of all of his photos and autographs from over the years. 

He even has a photo of himself and legend Barney Rock that’s signed in a frame.

Tony said, “It’s who I am, I’m a massive Dublin fan and I’ll always be remembered as that. It’s what I grew up with and loved since a young boy.

“Everyone thinks I’m great craic and I always joke that I’ll see them in Coppers after the match.”

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No tickets for the match? Tony gave us some solid advice on where the best place to be is if you won’t be at this Sunday’s game…

He said, “The Ball Alley is great craic. It’s right at Croke Park and the atmosphere before and even after the match is great. That’s where I would go.”

The 86 year old is yet to secure himself a ticket for the All-Ireland Final and hopes that luck will come his way.

Tony said, “Unfortunately I don’t have one yet, I’m going to keep my eye out and see if I can get one. The only place I would want to be is on Hill 16, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“If I don’t get a ticket I’m still going to Croke Park, it’s the best feeling in the world being there on the day of a Dublin game.”

Tony is famous among Dublin GAA supporters and even appeared in We’re The Dubs music video, and today went to a school in Cabra to meet and greet the kids and celebrate there with them.

He really is the essence of what being a Dublin fan is all about.

He said that his motto that he lives by is, “I think once you have your health and you’re truly happy on the inside in your heart, that’s all that matters.

“Being a Dublin fan and supporting my team is a big part of my life.”

Tony Broughan is full of life and we all hope that we can be like him some day. Up the Dubs!

He’s a true Dublin legend.

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