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02nd Jul 2024

Plans to widen the East Link and add in a second bridge for walkers and cyclists afoot


Plans are afoot to expand the Ringsend to Point Village Tom Clarke Bridge (the East Link), add a second bridge and a new control tower

Anyone who has ever had to get over to the 3Arena from Ringsend or vice versa by foot or by wheel will attest to it being a pain in the hoop. Lucky for us there are plans to add a separate walking and cycling bridge just west of the pre-existing bridge, as part of Dublin City Council [DCC]’s Active Travel Network plan. Known as the Point Bridge the 150-meter structure will be a lifting bridge and include future-proofing with a 5.3m wide cycle path and 4.6m wide footpath. Motorists haven’t been left out in the plan as there will be road widening to the pre-existing bridge, which will require a new bridge control building. The works will include replacing elements of the bridge deck furniture such as barriers, lighting columns and traffic lights.

Construction of the ‘Point Bridge and Tom Clarke Bridge Widening Project’ is due to start in 2027 and will take roughly 24 months, opening around 2029, according to the publication Irishcycle. The project has been in the works since 2017 with the same publication reporting that more diverse transport options for the bridge were under review at that time. DCC has said that during the construction period, traffic on East Wall Road, the R131 and North Wall Quay will be maintained at all times, except for limited short periods.

A Dublin City Council have said, “It is also proposed to upgrade the existing Tom Clarke Bridge by widening the northern and southern bridge decks. The works will include replacing elements of the bridge deck furniture such as barriers, lighting columns and traffic lights”.

For a full breakdown of the proposal, see below:

  1. Point Bridge:
    Construction of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge, approximately 150 meters in length
    The Point Bride will have an opening section that will mirror the existing Tom Clarke Bridge
    A public realm area that will be incorporated into the bridge, providing scenic views of the River Liffey and Dublin City towards the west
  2. Tom Clarke Bridge enhancements:
    Widening of the northern and southern fixed spans of the Tom Clarke Bridge
    Upgrading of current bridge elements, including barriers, lighting columns, and road and river traffic signals
    Demolition of the existing control building and construction of a new three-story control tower

With the public consultation completed, planning will commence late this year with Detailed Design and Contractor Procurement commencing next year before construction in 2027. For a full breakdown of the plans and the timeline head over to the DCC website.

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