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Off The Eaten Track

09th Dec 2019

Five unbelievable hidden gems that we recently discovered in Dublin

Alan Fisher

We have recently been on the hunt for the best hidden gems of Dublin dining and here are our top five.

Some places are really hard to find, like the one we found in the back of an Asian supermarket and some are only open on certain nights.

Either way, we have had a lot of fun sniffing them out for our Off The Eaten Track series and now, you need to try them.

Here are five unbelievable restaurants that you may not have heard of:

1) Sabor Nordestino

This little Brazilian place is located in the Moore Street Mall along with some other fabulous restaurants.

I never even knew there was a Moore Street Mall if I’m honest so this little area was a nice surprise for me.

The food here was absolutely amazing.

I got steak, chips, rice and beans for about twelve quid and you’d be paying about thirty quid for a steak that good anywhere else in Dublin.

From the video, you can also see how much I liked the rice.

Even though it appeared to be plain, it is in fact cooked with some oil and garlic. So tasty.

2) Gursha

Next up was this unreal Ethiopian Supper Club in North Strand that only opens up on Friday and Saturday nights in Cloud Cafe.

Seriously, this was probably my favorite dining experience in Dublin so far and for a couple of reasons.

I loved the way I felt like I was back on my travels while eating here.

All the food comes on a large sourdough pancake type bread called Injera.

With this, you dive in with your hands and you can use the bread as a utensil to pick up the food.

3) Lil Portie

Again, this place only opens a couple of nights a week in a coffee shop.

Two-Fifty Square to be precise and it serves Caribbean food with a Latin Twist via Ireland.

I really enjoyed the dining experience here and the food was delicious.

The menu was really different and something you need to check out for yourself.

4) Brothers Dosirak

This is the bad boy that’s located in the back of an Asian supermarket and yes, it took us a while to find it.

The supermarket is located on Capel Street and you have to head inside, where you’ll see people sitting down the back left-hand side.

It’s Korean food and it was so tasty.

5) Take A Veg

This was another place we stumbled upon while roaming around the Moore Street Mall and it was perfect for our resident vegetarian, Elijah, to try out.

I think it can be best described as dirty vegan food and you can see why by the video.

Extremely tasty and not what you usually expect with veggie food.

Stay tuned, the hunt for these hidden gems is not over!