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20th Dec 2016

Bull And Castle – A Place Where Craft Beer And Meat Lovers To Come And Worship


Myself and my mate headed out to watch the Ireland match this week against the reigning world champions. We didn’t know that come 10 o’clock we’d be dancing around the pub like a couple of kids in play school, slapping randomers on the back and high fiving American tourists after a most famous of draws. I hadn’t seen my buddy in months and when guys get together there is usually one of three things that gets us excited beyond belief and they are beer, football and steak. I got my thinking cap on and thought that Bull and Castle would be the best place to enjoy all three.

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We didn’t mess around and went for the very best ordering a big fat Chateaubriand. Its basically the big fat end of a fillet of beef served for two and it is the male equivalent of getting a Chanel handbag for a woman. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are women who love steak just as much and men who’d murder for the latest clutch bag from Brown Thomas, but you know what I mean. The steak was 60 yoyos which sounds like a lot but when you consider that was for two people and came with two types of spuds (chips and mash), gorgeous onion rings, four types of veggies and three different sauces, it’s very good value. The sound of €60 might put you off but I prefer this to the places that charge you €20 for just the meat and then ride you sideways by charging for everything else. The steak was decent. I’d say 8/10 but it suffered from the usual problem that arises when cooking a piece of meat of that size medium rare, that is by the time it was rested, sliced and got to us there was feck all heat left in it. The sides and sauces were top notch too. All in all it was a perfect little place for a man date.


Downstairs is restaurant style and to be honest most of the clientele are tourists. It has that sort of vibe about it with Americans coming down from the Guinness brewery or Temple Bar who just can’t walk past it without stopping in for a bite. We moved upstairs to the beer hall to watch the match where they have a huge selection of craft beers. What I love about this place is that they’ve been craft long before anybody really knew what craft was. The place used to have more of a German beer hall feel to it but now it’s a full on gastro pub with awesome beer and food. We were such fat bastards and enjoying our night so much that later on in the evening we treated ourselves to a massive, over the top cheeseboard. Really top stuff that was perfect with a few beers (or one of their beer tasting boards).


My whole review is probably coated with 20% more positivity because of big John O’Shea scoring a goal and sending the crowd demented with happiness. All in all though, this is top notch food, great beer, friendly service and a perfect place to come and get some pub grub. I’d probably avoid the restaurant downstairs and head straight up to the bar. The food up there is just as good, way cheaper and the craic is mighty.

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