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20th Dec 2016

Hands Down Best Scones in Dublin – Keoghs Cafe


This may be a controversial one as I know us Irish people have very strong feelings on scones. So much so that there are best scone awards (The Cupcake Bloke won it recently) every year to search the length and breadth of the country to find the ultimate scone… Now that’s a job I wouldn’t mind helping out on!

For me though, there is only one place that deserves the title of best scone in Dublin, and that’s Keogh’s Cafe on Trinity Street. They serve lovely lunches including all kinds of tasty little dishes, I like their cheesy baked potatoes with salad, but their quiches and sandwiches are also nice. However, I rarely actually get lunch here. I’m always going in for a scone with plenty of butter, jam and a big pot of tea. And nothing else. You can keep your sandwiches.

When I moved to Dublin first, almost 5 years ago, I worked in Temple Bar. Keoghs Cafe was just a minute walk from my office and so every day at 11am I would stride across with the determination of a woman who has the fear of God that the raspberry scones might be sold out. They never disappointed and a few of us in our office would take 15 minutes to sit back and have the chats while enjoying these beauties. I moved job after a few months, and just as well as my jeans weren’t exactly getting any looser. However, I rarely pass by now without stopping in and buying a scone to take away with me.


In my book the perfect scone should be biscuity crisp on the outside and buttery soft on the inside, and that’s exactly what Keogh’s scones are like and why I love them so much. They have so many variations from plain, raisin, mixed berry, raspberry, pear & almond, cranberry & orange, apple & walnut, brown cinnamon and more. My favourites are the raspberry, mixed berry and brown cinnamon ones though. They serve them with proper butter and good quality runny jam, not the jelly like rubbish that you see in crappy canteens that just ruins everything it touches.


Keogh’s also do loads of other cakes and their muffins are really good too (yes I have extensively researched this particular spot), but really if you’re going here you need to get a scone. While I think they serve the best scones in the city, I know that there are many other spots that serve mouth watering scones, so if you have any you feel might be at least as good if not better, then let us know in the comments below.

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