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10th Mar 2018

Five Points HQ Is Pure Class And Confirms The Sweeping Café Culture Across Dublin


Irish people used to convene socially, for the most part, at Mass and in the pub. 

Times have changed though and now, it is increasingly likely that people catch up at the gym, doing yoga or in a café. 

Of course, we all still drink copious amounts but going for a latte instead of a pint would have been laughed at back at the turn of the century. 

Back then, eating in a café consisted of a ham sandwich on batch bread, soup or a greasy fry-up. The first stepping stone towards our new way of living came about with the emergence of the very foreign sounding panini about a decade ago and we haven’t looked back since. 

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My favourite cities in the world (Melbourne, Berlin and SF) all have a huge café culture and I’m glad to see that has finally arrived here. 

It hasn’t happened overnight but rather has manifested itself since the recession, with lower rents and changing lifestyle choices of young Irish people playing a huge part.

There are now cafés sprouting up in every neighbourhood, although the north of the city does seem to be lagging. I’m talking about spots like Bibis, Brother Hubbard, Fumbally, Two Boys Brew, LegitSlice and so on. 

The key here is that they are all cafés that serve absolutely amazing food and are changing the very fabric of the city, how we socialise and how lead our lives. 

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The good news is that there is a deadly new spot to add to the list and Five Points HQ has some seriously good pedigree. 

It opened a couple of weeks ago and is being managed by Adam Sheridan, with food inspiration from Hilary O’Hagan Brennan. Both were instrumental in the success of the grandaddy of all Dublin cafes… 3fe.

Just like all the tech companies that sprout successful alumni, who go on to run their own businesses, the same seems to be happening on the Dublin café scene. That’s when it starts to become ingrained into the fabric of society. 

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The coffee in Five Points is, as you would expect, superb. As good as you’ll find in the city, in fact.

The food though is where the place goes to the next level. 

There is a focus on world-class ingredients and an inventive style and presentation that makes this feel extra special. 

My only complaint would be the size of the menu. With only three dishes on the breakfast and lunch menus, you could easily struggle to find something you liked to eat. I

I’m putting this down to a new kitchen and am sure it will expand over time. As it was, my wild garlic scrambled eggs with sourdough was a delight. 

All the boxes were ticked in terms of great tunes, free fast wi-fi and friendly service – making this a wonderful addition to the neighbourhood. 

I think of cafés now in the same way that I did Irish pubs in the 90s. A place to meet friends. 

Instead of the barman knowing your name, it will be the barista who does. 

They serve great food and very soon, there will be one on every corner – as is already happening in certain pockets of the city.

Five Points is a shining microcosm of how this city is changing for the better. It will, without doubt, be a rip-roaring success and we’ll see many more similar spots opening. 

The more the better.

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