The Fanciest Coffee Shop In Dublin


We had heard a lot about this tiny little coffee shop over the last year, but it wasn't until we visited it ourselves in Stoneybatter yesterday ourselves that we could see what all the fuss was about.

Love Supreme opened up in Stoneybatter at the end of the summer, and if anything was a sign that the recession is over, it's this shop. It's a beautiful little spot that is as much a craft shop as a café. They have Ferg from Roasted Brown doing all the coffee and all the little cakes are coming from the Wildflour Bakery. Everything here is carefully thought out, this is the last place in the world you would be getting a purple snack bar with your coffee.


We've waxed lyrical about the stunning cakes from Wildflour Bakery before, and that is excuse enough in itself to visit this place. When I went there yesterday I picked up a gingerbread cake with whiskey, dates and pecans. It was absolutely delicious and nothing like any cake I had tried before. It almost had a liquorice taste to it. If Mr.Kipling or your granny's sponge cake are your idea of heaven, then this probably isn't for you but I get really excited about the flavour combinations in all of their creations. You really taste the flavours of all the ingredients rather than the sweetness from the sugar. If you're always looking to try the next big food thing, this is it.


Roasted Brown is one of the most popular cafes in the city, so fans will be glad to know they can get the same coffee here. A nice extra addition is the beautiful hand crafted chocolates from Bean and Goose which are also sold here, I've tried them many times before and it's by far the nicest chocolate I've ever eaten. Their winter bark covered generously with roasted nuts, dried fruit and candied orange peel is absolutely incredible!


It's the perfect place to pick up a few Christmas treats for friends who are into their food and drink as they sell loads of craft items, coffee aeropresses, flavoured syrups, ceramics and bags of beautifully packaged coffee that would make perfect stocking fillers. There's no doubt about it, there are few places like this in Dublin with such a dedication to everything craft, while it's not going to suit someone who's happier with a cup of tea and a jam donut, I was well impressed!


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Emma Kenneally

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