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14th May 2017

This Is The Only Takeaway Pizza You Should Be Eating If You Live In Dublin 6


The main street in Rathmines has some interesting offerings when it comes to pizza. 

On the one hand, you have Manifesto; which can always stake a claim as being the very best in the city, depending on who you listen to. 

You also have a huge Dominos which, urban legend has it, is one of the busiest branches in the world, serving everyone from stoned students to young professionals in the local flatland. 

While both serve their customers admirably, I wanted to draw your attention to a slightly newer kid on the block and one of the best takeaways you’ll ever have. 

Screen Shot 2016 12 15 At 17 12 57

Before the comments on this post descend into a mud slinging match about what makes a great pizza, let me just say I’m talking about a takeaway pizza. 

That means pizza that often sits in a box for 15 to 20 minutes. Not something that arrives to your table 20 seconds after it is cooked. This changes the rules of engagement completely. 

I’d also like to say that I like my takeaway pizzas a little dirtier than I like my restaurant pizzas. I want loads of cheese. I want a tiny bit of grease on the bottom of the box. I want sauce to dip my crusts in. 

I’m glad to say that Tiger Pizza ticks all those boxes and then some. Even before eating the food, they had my vote as I waited for my takeaway and admired their pizza mural. 

As I stood there admiring it, the amount of Deliveroo and other delivery drivers picking up orders was a good sign. They were getting slid out of the wood fired oven and on to the backs of mopeds in record time.

Screen Shot 2016 12 15 At 17 11 54
Screen Shot 2016 12 15 At 17 11 46

I had an 18″ spicy sausage pizza, which was absolutely sublime. Hot in both temperature and to the bite with flaked chilis. Wonderful cheese and a perfect sauce to dip the pizza, because nothing tastes as good as dipping carbs into fat. 

I washed the whole thing down with a can of Coke and it bill came to €18. To be honest, there was enough in the meal for two people. 

I know plenty of people in the area swear by Base Wood Fired Pizza and I am a fan but for me, they are slightly on the healthy side for pizza. A little too clean for me and my takeaway desires. 

I’ve grown out of Dominos and I’ll always love a good restaurant pizza but when It comes to takeaway and that perfect balance of taste, boldness and carb loading, I’d be happy with a Tiger any day of the week. 

Screen Shot 2016 12 15 At 17 13 15
Screen Shot 2016 12 15 At 17 14 10
Screen Shot 2016 12 15 At 17 13 51

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